August 24, 2010

I still love you, old blog.

Well... Its been HOW MANY MONTHS already and I finally made a new blog, as promised.
I'll still keep this blog because its got some pretty nice posts and pictures in here that I don't wanna delete.

So to see the new blog, click here.

Adios kuachi blog!
I love you!

February 17, 2010


its been ages! hahahahahha!!

I've been so busy to blog la, I think I'm on FB to much. But whatever the case, in the next week or so I'm gonna be starting a new blog. Don't know what the link should be yet, still thinkin about it.

I'll probably still keep this one, and update it as a fun fun blog, the other one will be braodcasted in a different way.

so yeah, till then!


December 21, 2009

Its just another holiday

Right, so its almost the end of December and for me, its been kinda slow.

Yeah of course I got things to do and stuff like that, I'm not slacking off wasting my time everyday like what most people are doing. (You know its true, no need to argue about it)

Christmas is only 3 days away, and honestly this year I'm not in such a mood to celebrate. I have my reasons, I rather not say, but yeah. And besides, PMR results are out on Christmas eve, and I guess for a lot of us, Christmas is pretty much ruined just thinking about D-Day. Why didn't we just stick to the 28th to receive the results. I'm sure many people would be happier about that.


anyway its time to look at the bright side.

This week I've been pretty busy. There's an animation seminar at Technology Park. Conducted by 2 people who did Toy Story 2. Its pretty cool, and those are into animation should go for the one on the 28th. =P Click here for more details.

Eugene Goh is working for my mom now, so he's pretty much based in the house doing stuffs. Its kinda nice having him around. Can talk. He works, I work.

So yeah,

life's pretty normal. Goood luck to everyone taking their results on the 24th. And Merry Christmas everyone. =)


December 2, 2009

The beginning of the end.

Hello people! Short post just to be updated.

No the beginning of the end is NOT about 2o12, I don't really believe in all that. Everyone believes differently right? Some think we will all die of from a disease. The Mayans believed that there would be a 48 hour solar eclipse and so on. I don't believe in the end of the world. Like I said, everyone believes differently. But no one knows whats gonna happen right? Maybe the world will end, maybe it won't. So we should all leave that behind, and live life. The perfect solution.

Right so I said the beginning of the end is not about 2012, and already I wrote a paragraph 'bout it. *slaps self*

the beginning of the end, is about 2009. Yup... its December people!! The last month of the year, (like no one knows??). And I just wanna say, that this year, has been a really great year. It had it ups and downs, lefts and rights. All those small matters that we were so tense about, we can laugh about now.

Who knows what will happen this December? in 25 days, a lot can happen, right?
So technically, this post should be titled, The beginning of the beginning of the end right? 'Cause its not New Years yet, let alone PMR results aren't out yet. Ok I might not be making sense right now... haha...

Post conclusion:
Have a happy December!
Hah, now THAT makes more sense. =D


November 23, 2009

My BFM 89.9 podcast!

Haha YEAH!

I did a book review on BFM 89.9, the business station for UNICEF Children's Day on 20th November 09.
How did I get in? Hahaha, connections-mah.

So anyway the book review was about Mitch Albom's book, For One More Day.

And the book review itself? Click here.



November 18, 2009


Just recently I was going through some PMR workbooks. I was sorting them out into piles so like one pile would be "To recylce", "To give to next year Form 3's", "Donate to library".

The donate to library part was sucessful ahaha... I donated 11 PMR reference books, including 2 dictionaries. The recycle part was long bye bye and probably all the books have turned into another piece of paper for another book. =D

I still have the "To give to next year Form 3's" pile, and I was looking through some of the answers provided in the books and I thought "Haha"


Shouldn't it be "needs" carbon dioxide?

It "supports" burning.

It can be renewable?? Then what is a confirmed renewable energy source?

Fine sand or find sand? Whatever the case, I found it.

Now we know why they wanna make the switch for Science and Maths to be taught in BM. =P


Congrats to my little cousin brother who achieved 6As and 1B for UPSR!!
So proud of you! =D


November 9, 2009

The Mis-Adventure of Kadri And Rhonwyn

Its been a while since I updated, yes.
Been busy.

Today, in fact now, Kadri and I are on MSN. I met Kadri during IBM camp, nice guy. Does parkour, dances, all sorts of things haha. XD

And now this is a true story.

He knows that I know that he knows that I know that this blog hasn't been updated so we just decided the best way to update is by posting this.

End of story.
I have updated.